Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The Plot Twist.

Dear diary,
Tigger was taken to the asylum after one of his deranged and damned "acts" killed Owl. I watched as they sedated him and locked him in the pale straight jacket. I was next to the place where we buried Owl. That damned animal.
Hare was the first to go. He was a hoarder. And a load of his junk and bric-a-brac fell on him one night by accident. He died of starvation. None of us heard his desperate cries.
Piglet was the one to find him. He had come to borrow a broom. He always broke his broom whenever he was cleaning his house. I just wish his broom broke much sooner. Now Piglet doesn't even come out of his room.

The damned Donkey was next. None of us would've thought he would take his own life, that he was this depressed. Well, he proved us wrong when he decided to jump off his favourite cliff. Not even a letter. How selfish can that ass be?!!
Pooh was there though. He was the only witness.
"He just jumped. Yes. Eeyore jumped off his favourite cliff."
He never talked much after that. He never took stralls, never wandered into the sunsets with Piglet. Adventure and meaning of life he had in his, must have jumped with Eeyore that day.
Now all he does is sit in his red and worn leather arm-chair, eating honey pot after honey pot.
He's probably eating himself to death.
There comes a point in ones life time, that all you've been through, all you've known and felt to be true, comes crashing down like a massive oak tree hit by lightning.
This was my moment.
This was the moment I realized that my childhood is over.
I had one messed up childhood, didn't I?
- C. Robin.
Side note: I apologize on behalf of my boredom, to Mr. Milne and his loving son, for brutalizing your wonderful characters and storyline.
I'm guilty as charged.
May you rest in peace.

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