Sunday, August 25, 2013

The Intention

If we ever decided to go back and read through our first few posts , here's to that day.

Here we are , we've started a blog. Why ? We don't know. But we're about to find out. Not today, but we certainly hope that someday, it is useful , to someone. Even if that someone is just one of the four bored people who decided that this was somehow a good idea.

This is our way of being bold. This is an expression of our need to be something more than our own egos , which is by extension an attempt to make our egos bigger. Ironies of human behavior aside, we want are here to be read.

There are not rules to this. We write what we like , you read what you like.

My self esteem is peaking so high right now,  that I don't  think I'd be inspiring anyone with what I write. I'm going to just treat this as an empty room that I can go when I want to have a really big scream or cry ; whichever comes first.

 Be that as it may, we're big enough to  think our rants would somehow matter to someone.

This is what we do with our thoughts. We write them down. We enjoy that. It's fulfilling to let go of our perspectives in the form of writing, to move to the next idea and to leave our thoughts with you.

Enjoy the experience.
That is the intention.

1 comment:

  1. blogging, is not a way to be bold even you are real,or fake like me in the cyber. however you are,stand strong for your opinion,be yourself and give your thoughts to the society. there will be both parties who agree and disagree with you. for the people who do not agree,you have to stand strong and agree to be disagree with them!

    hail brothers,